Krogan are powerfully built and hardy, but aren't agile, tend to be impulsive, and have little patience for diplomacy.
All Krogan are infected with a genetic disease called the Genophage, a bioweapon developed by the Salarians and used by the Turians to end the Krogan Rebellions. The Genophage makes only 1 in a 1,000 Krogan births viable and the Krogan species is slowly being wiped from the galaxy.
Personality: The harsh Krogan homeworld conditioned the krogan psychology for toughness just as it did the body.
Krogan have always had a tendency to be selfish, unsympathetic, and blunt. They respect strength and self reliance and are neither surprised nor offended by treachery.
The weak and selfless do not live long. In their culture, "looking out for number one" is a matter of course.
Physical Description: Large and massive, Krogan have a humanoid lizard shape.
Homeworld: Tuchanka
Languages: Krogan speak, read, and write Krogan and Basic.
Example Names: Urdnot Wrex.
Adventurers: Krogan adventure to find battle and credits. The rare Krogan might be looking for a cure for the Genophage as well.

Krogan share the following traits:
• Ability Modifiers: +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom, -4 Charisma.
• Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Krogan have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
• Speed: Krogan base speed is 30 feet.
• Extraordinary Recuperation: A Krogan regains hit points at double the normal rate.
• Heightened Awareness: A Krogan may choose to reroll any Perception check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it is worse.!!!!!
• Immunity: Krogan are immune to poison.
• Wide-Set Eyes: Krogan eyes are set farther apart than those of most other species; while this grants them a wider field of vision, it also impedes their long-distance depth perception. Krogan gain a +4 bonus on Spot checks, but suffer double the normal attack penalties due to range.
• Scary Build: The Krogan’s unique physical build makes it quite hardy and intimidating. Granting them +2 to fortitude saves, +4 to intimidate
• Redundant Organs: Krogan possess multiply redundant organs. This makes them immune to paralysis and gives them a 50% chance of taking only normal damage when subjected to a critical hit.
Naturally Tough: Krogan begin play with DR 2 and can take bonus feats from the barbarian class.
• Genophage: For those who will inevitably try to get a Krogan pregnant, do the following: Have the DM arbitrarily pick two numbers. One between 1 and 100, the other between 1 and 10. Then roll a d100 and a d10 and see if both numbers came up. If they did, the pregnancy is a viable one.
Level Adjustment: +1

Racial Feats

Rage: Once per a day a krogan can enter a rage granting +4 str, +4 con, -2 AC. This rage lasts for 3+ Con modifier rounds.
Powerful charge: When ever you charge you add 2d6 to your damage.
Prerequisite: Rage, str 20
Indomitable Rage: You can rage a number of times equal to your Con modifier +2, also you gain the benefits of the die hard feat while in rage.
Prerequisite: Rage

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