NEW Talent tree:
Biotic Specialisation Talent tree:
Biotic Specialisation talent tree is available to any person with the use biotics skill

Quick Biotics:
Once per encounter can regain the use of a "spent" biotic powers
Improved quick biotics:
One per encounter can regain the use of 2 "spent" biotic powers
Prerequisites:Quick Biotics, Skill focus (Use Biotics)
Biotic Resistance
Your knowledge and control of biotics better enables you to resist the biotics of other opponents;Against Biotic powers you gain +2 bonus, to defenses and made against opposed rolls
Improved Biotic Resistance
Few can match the dedication and training you have invested in biotics, Your ability to defend against such powers is impressive;Against Biotic powers you gain +5 bonus, to defenses and made against opposed rolls
A master of biotics you have focused your powers into defense, seeking to protect and aid your allies;Once per encounter you may use the "Barrier" power and instead grant the bonuses to a number of targets (you may include yourself) equal to your charisma modifier
Prerequisites; Any 2 talents from the Biotics Talent tree, Skill focus (use Biotics), Training from a master in Biotics in this talent, Stasis, Barrier
Improved Bastion
You have further improved you defensive biotic abilities, allowing a more controlled imobilisation of your enemies;Once per encounter when you use the "Stasis" power the target may not take any action as per normal however it may still be damaged by you or your team mates
Prerequisites; Bastion
Bastion Specialisation
Your Control of biotics defense and imobilisation is unrivaled. Few can match your ability in this area of biotics and you are an invaluable bastion between your enemies and your team mates;Bastion Specialisation allows you to use the Bastion and Improved Bastion talents twice per encounter
Prerequisites; Improved Bastion, 1 week of nothing but uninterrupted Bastion training at the hands of a Bastion Master, Heroic level 9th

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