Honorable and brave, the Turians think of the welfare of the group before themselves. Taught from a young age to own every decision they make, only the rare exception will lie about their own actions. This does not mean they won't try to get away with criminal activity, just that they will not lie when directly questioned.
Personality: Turians are taught to have a strong sense of personal accountability, the "turian honor" that other races find remarkable.
Physical Description: Tall and of an avian build, they evolved skin armor to protect them from the radiation of their homeworld. It is common for Turians to wear the facialmarkings of their home colony.
Homeworld: Palaven
Languages: Turians speak, read, and write Turian and Basic.
Example Names: Garrus Vakarian, Nihlus Kryik, Saren Arterias, Chellick, Septimus.
Adventurers: Turians adventure to improve their skills so they can move up in their hierarchal society and to protect others.
The Turians share the following traits:
Ability Modifiers: +2 Constitution, +2 wisdom, -2 Charisma, -2 Intelligent
Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Turians have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Turian base speed is 30 feet.
Authority: As a species accustomed to being in authority, Turians add +1 to any moral bonuses they grant to themselves or other characters.
Courageous Leader: Any ally character within 10 squares of a Turian gains a +1 morale bonus to Will Saves (the Turian also benefits from this bonus). Note: this ability is affected by Authority and therefore confers a +2 bonus to Will Saves.
Tacticians: Turians gain a +2 bonus in Knowledge (tactics).
Radiation Resistance: Turians gain +5 species bonus to Fortitude Saves versus Radiation.
Cold Weakness: Turians take a -2 to all cold based saves.
Dextro-Protein Biology: Turian biology being based on dextro-amino acids, they cannot subsist on the same foods as most other species. Eating or drinking anything not specifically marked as compatible with turian biology forces the character to make a DC 15 Fortitude save; success means that the food passes through the turian's system without incident, while failure causes the character to become nauseated. Failing by 5 or more points means that the character has a severe allergic reaction and is dying.

Racial Feats

Battle Leadership: As a swift action a turian can grant a +1 moral bonus to attack and damage to all allies within 10 feet. This ability lasts for 2+ Wis rounds. This ability can be used twice a week.
Battle Tactician: If you take a full round action or longer before combat starts creating a battle plan, up to 2+Wis mod of teammates gain +1d6 damage during the first 3 rounds of the planed battle.
prerequisite: Battle leadership

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